Welcome Veterans!

Thank you for your service. This special property is an ideal site for a veteran, especially a Wounded Warrior, and possibly someone with PTSD for whom a quiet environment is restorative. Likewise, there is virtually unlimited opportunity for a successful post-service entrepreneurial career / business. You can learn more about your unique opportunity to have Homestead Place become your home by reading through this website.

Please contact us using the form below so we can tell you about the 501(c)3 foundation that has been created to assist a veteran in acquiring the necessary resources that make it possible to purchase the property.

What can you envision? What are your dreams and skills? Were you a K-9 handler? Knowing how important service dogs are not only on the battlefield but also for invaluable support of multiple civilian applications, would you like to be working in the service dog community? What would you like to accomplish? Is there a buddy or fellow service person with whom you would like to partner?

What type of life do you want for your family? If a bustling big city is your dream, then Homestead Place isn’t right for you. However, if you vision an environmentally self-sustaining, secure home, a place where your kids can have animals, where you would be welcomed with open arms by the community, where you would know all your neighbors and have their support, then Homestead Place is for you.

It only takes a few seconds to contact us to learn more about this incredible opportunity.

We look forward to connecting with you.