Transforming PTSD with the power of nature

propertyphotosI wish that I could bring everyone suffering from stress and anxiety to spend a few hours at Homestead Place Kansas. I would love to share the peace and tranquility that encompasses this beautiful property. Homestead Place is an ideal setting for a residence and would be the perfect place for a fulfilling post-service career for a military veteran.

Veterans dealing with PTSD have found that connecting with nature is an effective and highly positive practice that allows for the moments of peace that are sometimes hard to find. Current research publications show how veterans, medical professionals and researchers have recognized the therapeutic benefits of nature connections.

Military members face many unfathomable challenges during active duty. When they return home, they still face a plethora of challenges. For example, high rates of unemployment and homelessness in veterans is well documented. Veterans may return with physical or mental battle wounds, with post-traumatic stress disorder being of the most well known. Care for returning veterans is primarily through Veterans Affairs and using the medical model. However, there is evidence that nature-based therapy can have exceedingly positive effects that work well in conjunction with the medical model and provide benefits the VA might not.

“An estimated 13-​20% of troops returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are expected to develop PTSD… medication treatments show little effect”  –Brown University

Here are a few articles for further reading that discuss nature’s beneficial effects on treating PTSD:

With the amount of past and current research in nature-based therapies proving the variety of physical and mental health benefits to people, to the land, and its more-than-human inhabitants, why not apply this knowledge to help a veteran?

As you read some of the research about the positive affects of nature to treat PTSD, do you know a veteran that would thrive at Homestead Place Kansas?