There are multiple financial options for ownership or leasing of this special property and opportunity.

Homestead Place Kansas is expressly suitable and adaptable to a multitude of business opportunities. There are virtually no limitations.

Are you interested in hydroponic gardening? Growing fruit trees or flowers? Would you like to raise honeybees?

Here are some of the other possibilities:

  • Organic produce – vegetables, herbs, flowers. Garden and hydroponic.
  • Organic poultry production: chickens and eggs.
  • Specialty animals: lamas, alpacas, peacocks, goats, pot-bellied pigs, minks, earthworms to sell for improvement of soil.
  • Cottage industry – a craft or workshop.
  • Service dog shortage for both police and civilian placement. Breed and/or train.
  • Dock Dog Diving – training center.
  • Boarding and Grooming – dogs and cats.
  • Pet shelter.